How to Buy Moto G4 for Cheap from Amazon and Flipkart

Guide to Buy Moto G4 at Discounted rate from Flipkart and Amazon: As all of us know that the Moto G 3rd generation has been the most successful smart phone from Motorola, released in July 2015.

It became too popular amongst the Smartphone lovers. Moto G3 was arrived up to the marks so after the wide acceptance by fans, Motorola is going to release the next Smartphone Moto G4 generation with more beautiful look and exciting features. The most awaited 4th generation mobile from Motorola is about to release in very short time, most probably in June-July 2016.
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Why should you buy Motorola Moto G4?

As there are lots of smart phone makers who are releasing new phones almost everyday, people get confused about choosing the perfect one for the tight budget. There are lot of factors to look for choosing a right phone such as processor, storage, RAM, camera, looks and design, and the most important factor is the maker i.e. the company which makes the phone and it is the one who will provide you the service and maintenance after you buy. If you are encountering number of phones with so many stuffed configurations in cheap rates, then you have to think twice before purchasing that one. Also you should not spend too much on a phone just because of a good brand. But what if a reputed brand offers you the best in class design, features and performance with 4th generation technology in lowest possible rate? Of course you should go for it. Yes, Motorola is going to launch its brand new 4th generation smart phone – Moto G4 in a short time and believe or not but this phone is going to beat all its rivals in every aspects. Read about full Motorola Moto G4 Specifications and Moto G4 Review and Price here.

Buy Moto G4 with Discounts from Amazon and Flipkart

You must have heard about Amazon and Flipkart’s flash sale. Yes, Moto G4 will be available with Amazon flash sale and for that you have to register yourself in order to purchase the phone. It’s not necessary that after registration you will be entitled to get the phone. Yes, after registration you will be just eligible for purchasing the phone. The company is using this policy because they manufacture limited number of phones and people who are willing to buy are far more than that. So the company just gets rough idea about the interested candidates and then on a fixed date and time they opens the flash sale. Within some minutes of opening the sale all the limited phones are sold. So the remaining candidates and those who have not registered can have the benefit of second sale.

How to grab this flash sale?

As you find that grabbing the benefit of flash sale is not so easy, but it is not so difficult too. Just take care of the following steps and you can get it.

  1. Register yourself for the flash sale in Amazon
  2. Note down the date and time of starting the flash sale.
  3. Log in to your account before at least 15 minutes of starting the sale.
  4. You will see a count-down timer for the sale.
  5. Just wait till the timer approaches 0.
  6. As the timer reaches zero, the Add to Cart button will appear and immediately click that button.
  7. After successful pressing of the button, you will see the mobile in your cart and now you can check out by completing the payment with no need of hurry. But please do not spend too much time on that also as sometimes they pull back the phones for which no payment is received.
  8. That’s it. You have got your mobile.

Moto G4 Festive offers from Amazon and Flipkart

You know the E-commerce giant Amazon and Flipkart are giving you the best deals sometimes you should not let them go. For example, currently Amazon is having great deals on mobiles under र15,000. Have a look it HERE.

There is another big sale for branded shoes and footwear. 60% off on all products.

Here are the amazing offers from Flipkart for Moto G Turbo edition.

How to get discounts on Motorola Moto G4?

Amazon offers promo codes that are alpha-numeric codes and should be entered into a special promotional code box at the time of check out. You can get benefits of discounts by combing coupon sites, exploring monthly deals, and learning to navigate Amazon, and these Amazon coupons can be used and claimed instantly.

Getting coupons to Buy Moto G4 for Cheap:

    1. Go to
    2. Sign in to your Amazon Account
    3. Go to today’s deal page
    4. Pick the best deal for you as the offer is for limited time only and will expired within 24 hours.
    5. If you need to purchase from then you can get coupons for you from the following link

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Why should you Buy Motorola Moto G4 from Amazon?

      1. First of all believe that the Amazon is the best E-commerce service in India. Amazon wins the Special Commendation award for the ‘Most Attractive Employer’ in the E-commerce category in India at the Randstad Awards.
      2. The best customer service with no hesitation.
      3. All time fastest delivery.
      4. 100% money back guarantee (The 100% customer friendly return, exchange and refund policy)
      5. Shopping is never so easy elsewhere.
      6. Best deals and biggest collection of products.
      7. Everyday new deals with great benefits.

That’s all dear readers. The waiting is going to over and the best 4th generation smart phone is no far now. Stay tuned to us and grabs the opportunity as it comes. The best possible smart phone with best deal is coming soon.